APC Duct-Mounted UV Air Cleaner Replacement 36W Bulb
APC Duct-Mounted UV Air Cleaner Replacement 36W Bulb
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Single 36 Watt Replacement Bulb--for Apex Model 101 / 201 Air Cleaner Systems

This is a replacement bulb for the Powerful Model  APC 101 or 201 UVC Air Cleaner Systems. These systems are designed to work in home or office HVAC system. Why UVC? UV-C is a type of UV light that has been proven to be highly anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-mold, and anti-microbial in many studies and tests.

Many competitors use bulbs that are less than 36 watts, which reduces the effectiveness of the germicidal action substantially. The APC UV bulbs create MORE than the amount of 'micro-watts' required to kill specific bacteria, viruses, molds, etc. This over-compensation or extra power is what makes it effective for use in HVAC systems.

Below is picture demonstrating how effective UV light is for killing bacteria. The bottom half of the petri dish was exposed to just one UV bulb for a few seconds, the top half was not exposed. See the bacteria on the top, none on the bottom half? That bacteria floating around in your air is what many people's lungs are fighting 24 hrs a day, while you sleep, etc. This is one reason why some wake up with a scratchy throat, or even cold symptoms. Kill the bacteria, mold, eliminate the problem!

Don't be fooled by lower power, cheaper UV cleaner claims. This type of UV system with this type of bulb has proven very effective in bacterial DNA destruction for passing air. Tests have been performed at the University of Minnesota and the University of Colorado, who work with the EPA, CDC, and other agencies.  Penn State University has also conducted a similar study with the same results. 

All the parts comply with CAN/USA restrictions regarding UV light air cleaners, in-duct systems, etc.

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