Test Your Nest Air Test Kit
Test Your Nest Air Test Kit
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Test Your Nest DIY Air Test Kit

A Revolutionary Technique That Helps Identify Indoor Air Contaminants in Homes, Rooms, Office Buildings and More. Includes Eeasy Do It Yourself Air Quality Testing Devices for Mold, Allergens, Formaldehyde and Over 80 Other Chemical Pollutants Commonly Found Indoors, All in One Easy to Use Kit, with Cheap Discount Pricing and Free Shipping!

Check and monitor your home or office building for airborne mold, fungus & particle pollutants, allergens, & detect formaldehyde & over 80 other chemicals.


• Quick and Easy to Use
• Mini Pump Air Sample Collection Devices
• Complete Instructions with Chain of Custody
• Includes Fast 3-5 Day Emailed Lab Analysis & Report for Microbials and Chemicals
• Same Samples Used by Professionals

Designed to assess the indoor air quality of your home, but can be used in any indoor space including residential, commercial and industrial. 

The TYNSC air sampling kits are designed to measure levels of pollutants such as, mold, pollen, insect parts, formaldehyde, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs). The kit comes with a mini air sampling pump to sample the ambient air in your home or individual room of your choosing. Lab analysis will report sample results in: counts/m3, counts/cm2, and Parts per billion (PPB), and will be compared to what is considered to be normal. 

This kit offers the best value for broad spectrum home and building air quality testing. Order yours today and get the peace of mind about your indoor air quality that can only come from clear, accurate information. 

This Package Includes:

• One (1) Collection Cartridge for Airborne molds, pollen, fiberglass fibers, insect parts etc. (with reusable mini pump) 
• One (1) Surface molds, pollen, fiberglass fibers, insect parts, etc… (Bio Scan400) 
• One (1) Formaldehyde test (Bio Badge) 
• One (1) Chemical test (over 80 common household chemicals) (Bio Badge) 

The reusable mini-pump can be used for follow up testing or if you have more rooms to test for mold, allergens, etc,  by purchasing additional Air-O-Cell or MoldSnap collection cartridges.

NOTE: Unopened kits are returnable with 25% restocking fee, customer pays shipping back; opened kits are not returnable. 

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