Radon Test Kit
Radon Test Kit
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Do It Your Self Home and Business Radon Screen Check  

Protect Your Family's or Tenant's Health by Testing for Radon. Here We At Our Online Store We Offer The Best DIY Radon Gas Detection Kit That is Great to Use Before Relocation and Identifies Radon Exposure in Any Home, College Dorm, Rental House, School, Hospital, or Commercial Building, Without Expensive Equipment--All at a Cheap Discount Price with Free Shipping!

This kit tests for radon exposure with no extra equipment in homes, colleges, commercial buildings, hospital supply rooms, rental houses, schools & more


• Identifies Radon
• Quick and Easy -Includes Sample Collection Device
• Complete Instructions with Chain of Custody
• Includes Analysis by an accredited lab (A2LA for ISO 17025:2017)

• Same Samples Used by Professionals

Radon is an invisible, odorless and tasteless gas, with no immediate health symptoms, that comes from a breakdown of uranium inside the earth. Radon gas can seep into a home from the soil through dirt crawlspaces, cracks in the foundation and walls, floor drains, pipes and sump pumps. 

Radon can enter any home, old or new, even those with no visible cracks. The only way to know what the radon levels are inside your home or building is to measure them. This simple test kit can reveal the amount of radon in any building.

Used for the initial screening of a home for Radon gas. Can also be used to assess the performance of a Radon Mitigation system. The test device must remain undisturbed for 48 to 96 hours under closed house conditions.

This Package Includes:

1  Radon Gas Test Kit
1  Instruction Manual and Collection Device
1  Lab Analysis with Results in 3-5 Days

NOTE: Unopened kits are returnable with 25% restocking fee, customer pays shipping back; opened kits are not returnable. 

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