Evaluaire 2000 Home Air Test Kit
Evaluaire 2000 Home Air Test Kit
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Evalu-Aire 2000 Home Indoor Air Quality Test Kit 

A Comprehensive Way to Thoroughly Check Air Quality, with Professional Handheld Air Sampling and Surface Test Strips to Detect and Monitor Indoor Airborne Mold, Particles, Bacteria & Other Pollutants in Up to 5 Rooms! Lab Results in 3-5 Days!

When you really want to know what is—or isn’t—in the air of your home, you have a few options. You can buy several individual air test kits to check for airborne mold spores, particles, allergens, bacteria, fungus, etc, which could cost $500 or more. You can have an indoor air testing company send someone to do the testing or monitoring for you, which will likely cost even more.  Or, you could buy a full-spectrum home air test like the Evaluaire 2000 Indoor Air Quality Test Kit that covers all of those pollutants, includes he same handheld air sampling unit and test strips used by professionals and do it yourself in about 15 minutes--for a lot less.

The Evaluaire 2000 Indoor Air Quality Test Kit offers a lot of value for your money. This indoor air monitor kit comes with a handheld air sampling device, 3 air sampling cartridges and 2 easy to use surface test strips—enough to thoroughly test 2 rooms (air sample and surface test in 2 rooms, plus an outside test for comparison). Or, you can use the 3 air sampling cartridges and 2 test strips to detect or check for mold, particles or other pollutants in up to 5 rooms with one kit.  The air sampling and surface testing only takes about 5-6  minutes per room, so you’re done very quickly.  Plus—if you would like to check more rooms in your home, monitor or re-check airborne pollutant levels after cleaning or other efforts have been made, you can buy some extra air-o-cels for your Evaluaire pump and Bio-Scan strips below. Many other test kits don’t offer this option.

Getting your test results is fast and easy, too. When you have checked the indoor air and surfaces you want, simply mail off the cartridges and test strips in the enclosed envelope. Then whatever was detected mold spores, bacteria, particles, fiberglass, etc--the test results will identify it, with approximate airborne and surface pollutant concentrations.  The Evaluaire 2000 Home Indoor Air Quality Test Kit results are provided by a quality accredited lab (A2LA for ISO 17025:2017), not some random lab that doesn’t have very good quality control, so you know you’ll always get reliable information. 

The Evaluaire 2000 Home Indoor Air Quality Test Kit is offers the same type of air sampling and surface pollutant detection as used by professionals—without the professional price. If you want to check or monitor the air in your home, or multiple indoor areas for airborne mold spores, particles, bacteria and more, with one test kit and fast lab results, without spending $500-1000 or more, the Evaluaire 2000 kit is your best value.  

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This kit includes:
1 Evaluaire 2000 Handheld Air Sampler 
3 Air-o-Cel Indoor Air Sampling Cartridges (detects airborne mold, fungus spores)
2 Bio-Scan Surface Testing Strips (detects airborne mold spores, dust mites, bacteria, particles, skin cells, dander, pollen, fibers, insect parts that have settled on surfaces)
1 Return Envelope 
1 Complete lab analysis in 3-5 days (results emailed).
1  Full email or phone support before and after testing, answer questions, etc.

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