Air Test Kit-Mycotoxins
Air Test Kit-Mycotoxins
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Mycotoxin Screen Check

MYCOTOX Screen Check – A Revolutionary Technique That Helps Identify Indoor Air Contaminants
  • Identifies and Provides Concentration Levels for Mycotoxins.
  • Quick and Easy to Use (See Description Below)
  • Includes Sample Collection Device for 1 sampling location 
  • Includes Lab Analysis emailed in PDF Format in 10-14 Days
  • Same Samples Used by Professionals 

  • Quickly and easily identifies the presence of mycotoxins
  • Can be used to measure personal exposure or room exposure
  • Easy to use and inexpensive-Test strip, postage paid envelope and test results are included in this one low price.
  • Data validated for accuracy
  • Analyzed by an accredited lab (A2LA for ISO 17025:2017)
  • Meets OSHA accuracy Requirements
  • Written report
  • Made in the USA
Now more than ever the potential health effects of mycotoxin, produced by various fungi (including mold, black mold, etc) growing in the indoor environment, are being given serious consideration due to its potential health hazards. Mycotoxins affect occupants in buildings primarily through inhalation.

The chemical substance mycotoxins are actually cytotoxins that can cause cell disruption and interfere with essential cellular process. Some mycotoxins are potent carcinogenics, some are vasoactive, and some penetrate the blood-brain barrier to cause Central Nervous System (CNS) effect. The assessment of the extent of mycotoxin contamination is the essential step in reducing exposure to such toxin and their affects.

Our lab provides an ELISA based technique (Limit of Detection is 0.14 parts per billion) for the rapid screening of trichothecene mycotoxin.

Suggested Sampling Locations:

**IMPORTANT** At least 1 gram (or 1 tablespoon) of solid dust collection is needed for analysis.

1. Carpet: This kit is designed to collect dust from a carpet, so it’ll be best not to vacuum the floor in advance too closely to the date of the test. (See Sampling Instructions)

2. Heavy Dust Collection: Even If you do not have any carpet to sample, you can collect dust from almost any surface as long as there is a heavy dust build-up available for sampling.

Common Symptoms to look for:

Cold-like symptoms, rashes, sinus inflammation, eye irritation, aggravation of asthma, inability to concentrate or fatigue

Who Should Use The Mycotoxin Screen Check Test Kit?

  • Industrial Hygienists
  • Nursery and Daycare Providers / Owners
  • Homeowners
  • HVAC Engineers
  • Building Managers
  • Facility Managers
  • Facility Operators
  • Architects
  • Government Officials
  • Engineers
  • County, City, and State Officials
  • Building Maintenance Supervisors
  • Test and Balance Professionals
  • Educators
  • School and Plant Operators
  • Hospital Engineers
  • Physicians

Note: Refunds/replacements are only given on unopened/unused packages. 

Get Your Mycotoxin Test Kit Today and BE SURE of what's floating around in your air!

Recommend to your employer or anyone with newborns, especially expecting mothers!

As always, FREE SHIPPING to anywhere in the Continental U.S.!  Call us if you have any questions 1-800-701-2513

NOTE: Unopened kits are returnable with 25% restocking fee, customer pays shipping back; opened kits are not returnable. 

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