Vapor-Eze Waterless Vaporizer
Vapor-Eze Waterless Vaporizer
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Vapor Eze Waterless Vaporizer

A Top Quality Aromatherapy Diffuser with Maximum Aroma Delivery, Minimal Oil Usage, a Cheap Discount Price and Free Shipping!

The Vapor-Eze Vaporizer uses the latest in heat activation and aromatherapy technology to provide relief from respiratory symptoms (allergy, asthma, bronchitis, colds, flu, coughs, sore throats, and sinusitis), stress relief, meditation enhancement, healthy natural odor control and so much more!

Thanks to the carefully formulated refill pads, the Vapor-Eze Waterless Vaporizer unit can be used day or night, at home or in the office, providing the maximum oil diffusion per drop, which reduces your essential oil costs!  Recommended for rooms, bedrooms, hotel rooms and more from 200-400 square feet.

How it Works:

The Vaporizer/Aromatherapy Unit has been designed to use no-mess replaceable pads that are filled with a carefully formulated blend of pure menthol and eucalyptus oil.These oils are not only soothing to the sinuses and throat areas, but they are highly anti-bacterial and anti-viral! Oils have been used for thousands of years to treat different conditions; this vaporizer takes relief to a new level!

Each pad will last for six to ten hours, depending on the setting used during operation (low, med. or high). Five long-lasting pads are supplied with each vaporizer can be used with other essential oils as well. For extra refill packs and other fragrances/oils see our 'Aromatherapy' section.

Simply plug it in, and breathe a sigh of relief. Vapor-Eze has been made in the USA for more than 10 years and has sold more than 3,000,000 units. Order one today and see why a vaporizer / vaporizer - aromatherapy unit can be so helpful and enjoyable!


  • Soothing Relief from allergy, asthma, bronchitis, colds, flu, coughs, sore throats, and sinusitis symptoms! 
  • Waterless vaporizer-vaporizer / aromatherapy unit!
  • 100% natural oils!
  • Oils are Anti-Bacterial and Anti-Viral!
  • Safe-can be used by senior citizens and for newborns!
  • Silent operation!
  • Built-in night light!
  • There is no water for mold spores or bacteria to grow in, so it is safer for allergies, asthma, bronchitis, colds and flu, coughs, sore throats, and sinusitis!
  • 1-year warranty!
  • Three settings - low, medium, and high!
  • On/Off switch!
  • Uses no more electricity than an average light bulb!  

Don't Overpay for a Quality Essential Oil Diffuser--Order Your Vapor-Eze Waterless Vaporizer Today! 

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