For Affordable Portable Home & Room Air Purifiers That Silently Clean The Air Without Ozone, Your Best Choice is The Blueair Company, with Patented HEPASilent Activated Carbon and HEPA filters. Here at Our Blueair Website Store, You Can Buy All Quality New and Refurbished Blueair Air Cleaners and Replacement Blueair Particle & SmokeStop Air Filter Kits Online, At Cheap Discount Outlet Prices, with Free Shipping!


Recently purchased in 2016 by Unilever, Blueair is a company that is known for their patented HEPASilent HEPA filters that easily and silently remove well over 99% of allergy-causing dust, mold spores, pollen particles, gas, odors from your home’s indoor air, improving overall home air quality in any room--without ozone. In fact, Blueair personal air purifiers actually reduce indoor levels of ozone! Blueair is also known for their famous GO Smoke Stop filters and their 3-Stage ‘Progressive’ HEPA filters. Add award winning Swedish style, quality construction, and lifetime warranties, and you’ve got one of the best portable home & office air purifiers on the market. And since Blueair air cleaners are so quiet, they are one of the very best for bedrooms / sleeping areas.
The SmokeStop filter features a specially activated carbon that absorbs smoke and other odors from home and office air amazingly well. The Blueair Particle filter is a ‘progressive HEPA filter’, which means that the pores where air flows gets progressively smaller and smaller, trapping smaller and smaller particles, down to 0.1 microns, where some of the more dangerous particles exist. Blueair portable air purifiers are not only top-rated for allergies and odor control, but they are also Energy Star rated which means lower operating costs at the power outlet. 
Don’t be fooled by a cheap portable room air purifier’s claims, a unit that costs a little less but doesn’t clean the air in your home as well and has to be replaced in year or two. Blueair personal air purifiers are AHAM Certified, ozone free, and feature the HEPASilent SmokeStop and HEPA filters and silent operation that will reduce or eliminate your allergies and help you sleep better. And, you have Blueair’s famous Lifetime Warranty, so you can buy online with confidence.
Because we are an online store, our website doesn’t have the overhead of traditional stores. That means you can buy all Blueair portable home / office  air purifiers and replacement filters below at cheap, discount ‘outlet’ pricing, with free shipping, all day, every day. If you have questions about Blueair air purifiers or any other air quality concerns, call us toll free at 1-800-71-2513. Our air purifier experts are standing by!



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