Amaircare Model 2500 Air Cleaner
Amaircare Model 2500 Air Cleaner
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Amaircare Model 2500 Air Cleaner 

Enjoy Purified Air in Your Home or Room and Eliminate Allergies, Asthma and Other Health Issues with This Amazing Air Scrubber! Here We Offer One of the Best Portable Air Purifier Values Available, with True HEPA & Activated Carbon Filters, Quiet Operation, a 5 Year Warranty & Up to 1300 Square Foot Coverage with One Unit!  


Ideally sized for use in an apartment or large rooms, the 2500 will provide 1 ACH for a 1300 sq. ft. area based on 8 ft ceiling height.  It provides Amaircare®’s signature 3-stage filtration with a carbon prefilter, HEPA filter and carbon inner filter. The 3-Speed Electronic Keypad Control allows for easy adjustment of airflow.  Outflow of clean air exhausts from four vents and distributes air evenly.  Third stage VOC canister upgrade available.

The Model 2500 features Amaircare's advanced HEPA and V.O.C. air filtration which employs simple technology to solve all 3 categories of air pollution.  Naturally, all Amaircare products offer an advanced 3-stage filtration process: 

1st stage: PREFILTER--filters large particulate, extends HEPA and carbon filter life, and captures some V.O.C.s
2nd stage: HEPA FILTER--filters bioburden, particulate and captures some V.O.C.s
3rd stage:  Optional INNER CARBON FILTER--captures remaining V.O.C.s


Class:  Portable HEPA Filtration System
Delivered Airflow: 175 CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute) 
Dimensions: 16" hexagonal diameter, 13.5" high
Control: Variable Speed
Power Consumption: 84 Watts
Outflow: Vents on 4 (of 6) sides, vented downwards

Filter Life:

Pre-Filter: 3-6 months
HEPA Filter: 2-5 years
Carbon Filter: 6 months
Optional V.O.C. Canister: 12 months

Available Colors: Black, Sandstone, White

Why Choose Amaircare ?

Better HEPA

Amaircare HEPA filters are made from high-quality fine fibers that are pressed together into a paper material then pleated to provide the largest surface area possible. The paper then acts like a net that captures and holds particles as the air passes through creating the Amaircare PERFECT SEAL HEPA™ Not all HEPA filters perform  equally, in fact; many do not achieve true HEPA results. Amaircare’s Perfect Seal Technology meets and exceeds true HEPA standard!

Better V.O.C. (Volatile Organic Compounds) Removal

Carbon is to V.O.C.’s as what a sponge is to water. When V.O.C.’s come into contact with the carbon filter, they become trapped in tiny capillary passages on the surface of the carbon. This process can continue until all the passages are filled, much like saturating a sponge. The larger the surface area of the carbon, the more V.O.C.’s it can hold.

All Amaircare HEPA systems have an optional V.O.C. Canister that can be added for exceptional V.O.C., chemical and odor filtration. These canisters have a much larger surface area to capture V.O.C.’s, which results in both higher V.O.C. capture rate and longer filter life. V.O.C. Canisters typically last for 1 full year before needing replacement.

Providing overall better value than most air cleaners in its class, the Model 2500 is a winner in all important categories. 
Order your Amaircare 2500 TODAY  and feel the difference clean healthy air can make!  

Room Size Up to 2000 sq ft
Voltage 115V/230V
Noise Level 20-40 dBA (less than a human conversation at 50 dBA)
Filter Access Pre-filter and main filters, top with screws
Motor Details motor with a blower wheel
CSA/UL Listed Yes
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