Stadler Form Hydra Portable Ultrasonic Humidifier
Stadler Form Hydra Portable Ultrasonic Humidifier
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Stadler Form Hydra Portable Ultrasonic Humidifier 

An Affordable, Powerful Cool Mist Home Humidifier for Medium to Large Rooms or Baby Rooms Up to 440 Square Feet, with the Best Filters to Prevent Mold, Bacteria & No White Mineral Dust!

When looking for a personal room humidifier, you want one that quietly delivers clean, allergy & asthma-relieving moisture efficiently into the air without any hassles. And you certainly don’t want bacteria or mold to build up in the unit and release contaminated moisture or that white mineral dust that a lot of cheap ultrasonic cool mist humidifiers are known to do.
The Stadler Form Hydra Ultrasonic Humidifier solves all the problems that lower-quality humidifiers can’t, and provides clean, properly moisturized air for your home or room, without worrying about mold, bacteria, viruses--or white mineral dust spots. The Hydra comes with a special 1 year patented Silver Cube that effectively kills and prevents mold, bacteria, viruses and other germs from growing in the tank or the water. This can be very important if you’re buying a humidifier for your baby, baby room, etc.
The Hydra also comes with a powerful de-mineralization filter that removes minerals from the water so only clean, moisture molecules are released into the air—without any little white spots on furniture and other household items. Cheap ultrasonic humidifiers either don’t have this technology at all or have a cheap version of the silver ion cube that only lasts about 3 months. The Hydra’s Ionic Silver Cube lasts a full year, which saves you money.
The Hydra also comes with an easy-read hygrostat, or humidity meter, so you can quickly set the humidity level in your home or room and forget it.  The mist output regulator is adjustable too so you can fine tune the mist exactly the way you want it, or change it when necessary.  The Hydra also has a high-capacity tank that holds 1.6 gallons so you’re not constantly having to refill it.  Effective, quiet, worry-free, affordable room humidification—that’s what you get with the Hydra Portable Ultrasonic Humidifier—definitely one of our top-rated value picks!
Air Purifiers and sells only the best portable humidifiers that are top-rated for value and performance. And because we are an online store with very low overhead, that enables us to offer these amazing products at the cheapest, discount prices with free shipping, every day.  The Hydra is a perfect, high-performance humidifier that will easily provide the moisture and allergy relief you’re looking for—without breaking the bank.
Order your Hydra Ultrasonic Humidifier today and feel the difference that perfectly humidified air can make!


  • Power: Only 35 Watts
  • Tank capacity: 1.6 gallon
  • Room size: up to 440 sq ft
  • Accessories: Ionic Silver Cube & Filter Cartridge
  • Dimensions: 11.9’’W x 12.9’’h x 5.9’’d 
  • Automatic shut-off 
  • Note: Ultrasonic humidifiers are not to be used with water that has been through a water softener.  If you use a water softener, use distilled water in the humidifier or try an evaporative humidifier such as Stadler's Oskar or Tom.
  • Weight: 5.1 lbs


Replacement Ionic Silver Cube—replace every 12 months.
Replacement Filter Cartridges--removes minerals, prevents white dust--replace every 2-3 months.

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