Stadler Form ANTON Ultrasonic Humidifier
Stadler Form ANTON Ultrasonic Humidifier
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Stadler Form ANTON Ultrasonic Free Standing Portable Humidifier 

A Quality Portable Stand Up Cool Mist Humidifier with Aromatherapy Fragrance Capability That Quietly and Safely Delivers a Perfect Mist of Moisture to The Air. Good for Homes, Bedrooms, Baby Rooms & More! Available in Multiple Colors to Match Any Decor!

A quality filtered humidifier that offers a good clean cold mist of moisture with low maintenance, top-rated for pet areas, baby, infant rooms & chest congestion  

When you're looking for a good portable cool mist humidifier for a room, office or baby room, you want it to look great, work great, be well-made, and not cost a ton. That's where the Stadler Form Anton ultrasonic humidifier really is your best value.
Anton is compact, super energy-efficient, comes in 6 attractive finishes, has air-freshening aromatherapy capability, features top-quality Swiss construction, and adds the perfect mist of cool, safe moisture to keep you or your baby comfortable in rooms up to 250 square feet—without creating that white dust that most ultrasonic humidifiers produce.
The Stadler Form Anton comes with an adjustable mist nozzle to create just the right type of cool moisturizing mist for your room, and it can even distribute your favorite aromatherapy oils or other fragrances by adding a few drops to the cartridge.  The LED indicator lights change from blue to red, clearly indicating when the water tank is empty, and these lights are dimmable for night time operation. Anton also has an automatic shutoff that turns the unit off when empty, to further conserve energy!  Plus, Anton only uses 18 watts to begin with!
And since it’s a cold mist ultrasonic humidifier, Anton is also your best choice for baby rooms, since it supplies clean, cool moisture without any danger of a heating element causing a fire. Anton is also your best portable humidifier choice for baby rooms or homes where pets are present because there is no hot mist coming out that might burn--only cool, safe, portable moisture. Anton also includes the famous Stadler Form Ionic Silver Cube for protections against mold and bacteria growth. Anton is also great for travel, as it's only about 5 x 7 x 11". 
So if you’re looking for a good portable cold mist ultrasonic humidifier to add clean, safe moisture to your home or room, Stadler Form’s Anton is a far better choice than cheap humidifiers found at department stores that will break down in a year or less. And you can depend on Air Purifiers and to bring you the best discount prices with free shipping every day, due to our extremely low overhead. Try Anton today and feel the difference!


  • Power: 18 Watts
  • Tank capacity: 0.8 gallons
  • Room size: up to 250 sq ft
  • Dimensions: 5.7’’L x 7.3’’W x 11.2’’H
  • Automatic shut-off
  • Note: Ultrasonic humidifiers are not to be used with water that has been through a water softener.  If you use a water softener, use distilled water in Anton or try an evaporative humidifier such as Stadler's Oskar or Tom.
  • Weight: 4.0 lb
  • 1 Year Warranty


Replacement Ionic Silver Cube—replace every 12 months.
Replacement Filter Cartridges--removes minerals, prevents white dust--replace every 2-3 months.

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