Stadler Form Anna Little Ceramic Space Heater
Stadler Form Anna Little Ceramic Space Heater
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Stadler Form Anna Little Ceramic Free Standing Space Heater 

Powerful Electric Heat for Any Home, Room, Office or Garage. Compact, Space & Energy-Saving Stand Up Design with Overheat-Proof PTC Element & Auto Tilt-Shut Off Function. Small, Energy-Efficient & Portable!

Get fast, stylish heated air in any home, bathroom, camping tent, RV, garage, shop or room with this new tower space heater & fan system at a cheap price!

When you need a small, compact electric space heater for a bedroom, bathroom, garage or other room of your home, you want one that's inexpensive, works very well, looks great--and doesn't take up a lot of space. 
Much like her big sister, Anna, Stadler Form USA’s Anna Little Ceramic Space Heater gives you the powerful, instant, and ultra-safe  heat in an extra compact and energy-efficient package.   Anna Little has two heat settings, delivering either 700 or 1200 watts of pure, energy and space-saving ceramic heat whenever you need it.  As you can see in one the pictures, Anna Little fits nicely on a shelf in a bathroom, doesn't take up much space, and looks great.
Two Safety Features:  A lot of space heaters don't have safety features built in to prevent a fire should the unit fall over, and most normal heating elements can easily overheat and cause a problem.  Anna Little has a modern PTC ceramic element that constantly monitors heat levels in the element and will not allow it to overheat. Period.  Anna Little also has a tilt-detecting sensor that will also shut the unit off if it tips over or falls for any reason. This makes Anna Little very safe to operate in a home, bringing you comfortable warmth to bedroom, bathroom or other rooms, without worry. 
Instant Heat:  Again, like her big sister, Anna Little provides very fast heat, and begins to warm the room just a few seconds after she’s turned on. The type of ceramic used delivers more heat, more efficiently than other ceramic heaters, and stays warm longer---which means you’ll need to run the unit less, helping you keep that electric bill down in fall or winter seasons. 
Extra Compact & Portable:  Anna Little is even more compact and portable, measuring only 
5.75"W x 9.29"H x 3.74"D and weighs only 3.3 pounds. Unlike a lot of other ceramic or tower-type space heaters that are too big, bulky, and rather unattractive, Anna Little has an ultra-slim, compact design that works well with the decor in just about any room.
Durability: Anna Little also features the same top-quality Swedish design and materials that have made make Stadler Form USA famous for quality and performance. Anna Little is a well-made, high-performance small ceramic space heater that will last for years, add warmth to any room in seconds, and won't break down in 6 months like so many other portable electric heaters. 
So if you’re looking for a compact, well-made, affordable, electric space heater for fast, easy, safe & dependable warmth for any room in your home, try Anna Little from Stadler Form USA. You'll be glad you did. 

Winner of the Housewares Design Award 2012
Type: Ceramic Space Heate
Power: 700-1200 Watt
Dimensions: 5.75"W x 9.29"H x 3.74"D
Weight: 3.3 lbs
Small compact housing

Safe, Over-Heat Proof PTC Heating Element
Automatic Tilt / Shut Off Feature
2 Heat Levels: 700 or 1200 Watts
Amps  15.0
Energy-Efficient Ceramic Heat
Quality Swedish Design & Construction

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