GallatinAIR Top-Rated Commercial HEPA Air Purifier Systems

Why GallatinAIR?  GallatinAIR designs air purifiers from the ground up putting science first
Many top scientists are now recommending installing mobile, localized portable air-cleaning devices (distributed HEPA) in commercial air purification applications such as schools, businesses, etc. to reduce the suspension virus clusters and unwanted particulate matter. In their eyes, distributed HEPA is the most practical, economical, and straightforward method to reduce viral load in the commercial, industrial, and institutional settings.  That's exactly what GallatinAIR is doing, and why they're one of the best indoor air quality improvement solutions on the market today.

GallatinAIR's Science-Backed Satellite Air Purifier Solution:  According to science, strategically placing multiple portable "satellite" HEPA air filtration units in larger commercial rooms, offices and other spaces with greater occupancy is the most effective air purification solution. Adding multiple units (like the KleanseAIR) in a spaces creates the recommended air circulation also know as air changes per hour and filtration necessary to make an occupied space safer from airborne bacteria, mold, viruses and other pathogens.

If those satellite HEPA units have commercial germicidal UV lamps installed, that's another level of protection. For maximum protection, adding antimicrobial Bi-Polar Ionization technology to the "satellite" units, or simply choose the KleanseAIR 1000N, which comes with High-Output Bi-Polar Ionization. The combination of HEPA, UV and germicidal NPBI in a portable satellite air purifier solution is fast becoming the very best, top-rated commercial air purifier solution across many business types, restaurants, healthcare, senior living facilities, schools and more, and why GallatinAIR's K1000N, for example, provides exactly that.  
Why HEPA in HVAC Systems Might Not be The Best Idea:  ​Existing HVAC system H13 level HEPA filtration retrofitting is not only difficult and expensive, but also causes wear and tear from the HEPA's airflow restriction in the ducts and has the potential to re-release stored bacteria, viruses and mold spores due to the higher airflow--not to mention improper air circulation due to airflow restriction caused by HEPA filters placed in the airflow. By contrast, distributed HEPA or portable antimicrobial HEPA UV NPBI air purifier systems are straightforward to install, economical, and don't cause issues for your HVAC system. Add surface and air sanitizing bi-polar ionization to these portable HEPA air cleaners, and you can have one of the best, most powerful air sanitizing effects you can get from an air purifier  
Why Use Needlepoint Bi-Polar Ionization Inside Portable HEPA Air Purifiers? First, Needlepoint Bipolar Ionization has been proven to reduce viral loads and help capture virus clusters through the HEPA filtration and air circulation each machine provides.  Adding top-rated commercial grade needlepoint bipolar ionization offers additional protection from the aerosolization of viruses, and sanitizes the surfaces in rooms, offices, classrooms, as well. Putting Bi-Polar Ionization into HVAC sounds like a more efficient way of distributing the ions and using their germicidal benefits, however, with the usual types and strengths of Bi-Polar Ionization units being installed, science is showing that the amount of ionization making it into the rooms or offices is much lower than expected. 
An easier and verifiably the best, most effective way to use Bi-Polar Ionization ions is using the right type of quality needlepoint bipolar ionization units in a portable air purifier, which is exactly what the GallatinAIR KleanseAIR 1000N antimicrobial air purifier provides. The top rated K1000N provides thousands of ions per cubic centimeter when measured even at 5' from the unit, providing the REAL benefit of Bi-Polar Ionization ions directly to the rooms, which provides you with an effective amount of germicidal ions in the occupied spaces, where you need them most. Combine with HEPA and commercial grade germicidal UV-C lamps in the same air sanitizer purifier as the K1000N does, and there simply isn't a more effective air purifier for sale online or anywhere else. 

Assisted Living Facilities: Helping Your Communities Mitigate Virus Transmission:  The Problem: The senior living industry has been hit the hardest by COVID-19.  GallatinAIR understands your situation and hurdles, having worked with Senior Living operators in all 50 states for over 20 years.  Finding an economical solution to help you effectively sanitize air and surfaces and thereby reduce the spread of viruses will be critical to improving the situation at the facility-level.  Residents and staff will both need to feel confident that you are doing all you can to ensure their well-being.  Let GallatinAIR help you design and install the best top-rated antimicrobial air purification solution for your needs that is both economical and proven effective.
School's Air Purification Systems to Meet ASHRAE and CDC Guidelines:  The Problem:  Recreating the in-school learning environment will be a critical step to rebuilding the America's education system.  Preschool, K-12 and universities are now charged with creating the safest environment for students, parents, teachers and staff.  ASHRAE (American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers) recently released their COVID-19 task force guidelines for schools and classrooms.  Regarding air purification, the guidelines state...

  • Install UV-C lights, ionization in AHU’s (air handling units)
  • Introduce portable, all electric HEPA/UV-C Machines in EACH classroom
  • Guideline minimum of 2 air rotations/hour
  • Ensure flow patterns maximize mixing of air in classrooms
Commercial Businesses, Restaurants and Offices: Making Your Property Safer and More Pleasant:  The Problem:  The hotel and commercial real estate industry has been hit significantly by COVID-19. GallatinAIR has understand your situation and hurdles, as GallatinAIR has have worked with building owners and operators for over 25 years.  GallatinAIR and Air Purifiers and are committed and working together to provide the best, top-rated effective, and economical antimicrobial air purification solutions to help customers and staff be safer and reduce the spread of viruses will be critical to getting back to normal business levels.  

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