Bio-Scan Surface Test Strips
Bio-Scan Surface Test Strips
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Bio-Scan Surface Test Strips

Bio-Scan Surface Microscopy Air Quality Test Strips. Sample Any Surface to Detect Mold & Fungus Spores, Allergens, Bacteria, Dust Mites and More. Great for Home, Industrial or Commercial Use.  Optional Fast, Accurate Lab Results Available in 3-5 Days!

The Bio-Scan Surface Test Strip is one of the fastest and easiest ways to get a good idea of what's floating around or might be on any surface in your home, apartment, office, or even restaurants, labs, daycare centers, etc. Think about it--you can test any surface with this kit.

Simple and Easy to Use

The Bio-Scan test strip has an adhesive which, when touched to a surface, picks up even the smallest amounts of allergens, fibers, bacteria, dust mites, mold spores, pollen, etc and then by allowing the protective flap to cover the adhesive area, seals the strip. If you know how to use a band-aid, you can use this test strip.Then you simply mail it to the lab for fast, emailed results in 3-5 days. 

Individuals and professionals use the Bio-Scan Surface Test strip to sample a variety of surfaces, sometimes to determine if mold, dust mites, bacteria, fibers etc are present, or as a test after cleaning has been done to ensure that the surface is, indeed, free of those pollutants. And you can choose whether you want a full analysis or just mold and fungal spores. 

Often, however, a full analysis is better because it not only includes detection of mold and fungal spores, but pretty much 'everything else' that it picks up--the lab will identify any bacteria, fibers, allergens, or other particles and this may give you a clue as to what type of pollutant is floating around in your home, apartment or building or where it might be coming from. This is an amazingly simple and cheap air and surface test kit, but very powerful. 

So don't wonder what is in your indoor air--test the surfaces (and air) in your home or room and know for sure with true Bio-Scan Surface est Strips.  Purchase one test strip per area to be tested, and consider buying some extra strips to test other areas and after cleaning.

Analysis Options:

Mold & Fungus Analysis Only:  
Checks for mold or fungus spores only.

Full Analysis:  Checks for mold, fungus, pollen, dust mites, skin cells, insect parts, & fibers such as those from fiberglass, etc. 

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