WINIX 9500 Ultimate Pet Air Purifier
WINIX 9500 Ultimate Pet Air Purifier
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Winix WAC 9500 Ultimate Pet Large Room Air Purifier 

Need Effective Large Room Pet Air Cleaning for Tough Dust & Dander Allergies, Odors, Multiple Cats, Dogs or Birds—On A Budget? The Winix 9500 with PlasmaWave is Your Best Bet.


Reduce allergies FAST w/ The Winix 9500 Ultimate Pet Air Cleaner. HEPA, Carbon, & PlasmaWave! Best, low-cost, home air purifier for dog/cat odors, dander! If you have dander & dust allergies, tough pet odors, multiple indoor pets, or even one pet in a large room—and you’re on a budget—it can be tough to find the right pet air cleaner. And buying a cheap pet air cleaner that is too small for the room or the number of pets you have isn’t a good idea, either, because that just means the unit won’t be able to remove all of the pollutants before you breathe them, and the filters will clog up quickly, causing unnecessarily frequent and costly filter changes. And if you’re on a budget, obviously buying an expensive high-end large room pet air cleaner with expensive replacement filters or multiple units for multiple rooms isn’t an option, either.
For low-cost, effective pet air cleaning for multiple or single pets in large rooms—without a lot of expensive filter changes---the Winix WAC 9500 Ultimate Pet Air Purifier is a great choice.  The WAC 9500 comes with the long-lasting quality dander & odor removing HEPA and carbon filters you need, and a strong enough output to quickly remove the pollutants from the air so you don’t breathe them.
In fact, with an output of nearly 200 cubic feet per minute, 
the Winix WAC 9500 can easily remove over 99.99% of all the cat, dog, bird or other animal hair, dander, & odors down to 0.1 microns in large rooms in about 4 to 8 minutes! And that means you can enjoy clean, dander & odor free air in a large room or a couple of connected rooms --without having to buy another air cleaner.  The Winix WAC9500 is also light and portable so you can take with you when traveling with your pets, so you can keep allergies under control and provide excellent air quality at home, the office, in your room, or wherever you go! 

The Winix WAC 9500 Ultimate Pet Air Purifier comes with a quality washable pre-filter, a certified HEPA filter, an activated carbon odor filter, automatic dust, dander, & odor sensors, a remote control, large room capacity up to 284 square feet, 4 fan speeds, and a good warranty.  Plus, the 9500 also includes the patented Winix PlasmaWave Technology which releases healthy, anti-bacterial negative ions into the air to further clean and deodorize the air in your home or room, and help keep those allergies under control--or eliminate them.
Replacement filter costs for the WAC 9500 are much cheaper than many other pet air purifiers, too (around $100 for the 9500), and they usually last a year--or more. With the Winix 9500, you get all of the best air cleaning performance and features of high-end pet air cleaners, and low replacement filter costs, for around $300. That’s a deal. 
So if you’re looking for an affordable pet air cleaner that will handle multiple pets, tough dander & dust allergies or odors, a large room or a couple of connected rooms, all with one air purifier, the Winix WAC 9500 portable pet air cleaner is a perfect choice.  Order your Winix WAC 9500 today and enjoy your pets more often—without the allergies & odors!

  • Best top-rated, inexpensive pet air cleaner deal on the market today.
  • Effectively removes dog smell, cat urine, and other pet odors.
  • Under $300, and you get free shipping (which saves an average of $40)
  • Comes with a full-function remote control--batteries included!
  • AHAM Certified for rooms up to 284 Sq Ft
  • 99.99% efficient True-HEPA Filtration
  • PlasmaWave Technology provides Healthy Ions to Neutralize Pollutants—with NO OZONE!
  • Washable Pre-Filter plus Advanced Odor Control (AOC) Activated Carbon Filtration
  • 3 – Smart Sensors detect pollutants and turn the air purifier on/off automatically!
  • 4 Fan Speeds; Auto Mode and Sleep Mode
  • Limited 1 Year Warranty
  • Energy Star Qualified
  • UL Approved

    Model WAC9500
    AHAM Room Size Rating Large Room - 284 sq ft
    AHAM CADR (Smoke / Dust / Pollen) 183 / 182 / 194
    PlasmaWave™ Technology Yes
    True HEPA Efficiency 99.99%
    Carbon Filter AOC (Advanced Odor Control)
    Anti-Microbial Nano Silver Mesh
    Pre Filter Yes, Washable Anti-Bacterial
    Dust Sensor Yes
    Odor Sensor Yes
    Light Sensor Yes
    Sleep Mode Yes
    Auto Mode Yes
    Replace Filter Indicator Yes (Based on Actual Usage)
    Number of Fan Speeds 4
    Off Timer Settings 1, 4, 8 hr
    Control Type Digital
    Color (Body / Front) White / Silver
    Unit Dimensions L x W x H (in.) (L)16.5 x (W) 8.9 x (H)21.9
    Unit Weight (lbs.) 18.8 lbs
    Voltage AC 120V/60 (Hz)
    Power Cord 2 prong
    Wattage (Low / High) 6 / 70
    Air Intake Front
    Air Out vent Top
    CFM (Low / Med / High / Turbo) 49 / 92 / 124 / 184
    Sound Level – Low / Med / High / Turbo (db) 36.2 / 43.9 / 47.9 / 61.8
    UL / CUL Listed Yes
    CARB Compliant Yes
    Energy Star Yes
    Warranty 1 Year Limited
    Customer Reviews

    Customer Reviews

    Average rating from 2 reviews: 5.0
    Mr Submitted by Paul Stanworth on Sun 12 Apr 2015 4:53:25 PM GMT
    Works great!We have 2 cats 2 liter boxes so we bought 2 WINIX 9500 HEPA air cleaners 1 for the master bedroom and 1 for the family room set it and forget it with the automatic mode that really works well ...runs so quietly we can barely hear it. We actually have owned other HEPA filters that cost 3 times as much and did not work as well….my neighbor has 3 9500's he has had major allergy problems and swears by this brand WINIX and how they perform Written by Kerry Fishman on Sun 24 Nov 2013 12:50:42 AM GMT
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