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Easily Capture Harmful Gases, Chemicals, Smoke, & VOC’s with The Best Fume & Vapor Extractors from the #1 Industrial Air Filtration Manufacturer--Electrocorp! We Sell the Best Industrial Fume & Gas Collection Systems & Replacement Filters for Welding, Soldering, Laser Engraving, Mercury Vapor, Hydrogen Gas, Methane Gas, Landfills & More at Cheap Discount Prices with Free Shipping!

Gases and fumes from welding, soldering, laser engraving, flammable solvents and many industrial processes can be very harmful if not adequately captured or extracted. Fumes, vapors and VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) are all hazards that can cause sickness and disease for workers, owners, and even customers if they are exposed. And, if you’re the business owner or manager, you could be held liable and subject to lawsuits, even OSHA fines if employees have complications due to inadequate air quality control.  The good news is that fume collection systems are easy to install and will go a long way toward maintaining clean, filtered air for you, and any employees you may have.
One of the very best fume extractor manufacturers is a company called Electrocorp. They offer affordable, top quality fume collection systems that can be custom designed for almost any commercial or industrial application. Electrocorp is known as the ‘Kings of Carbon’ because they have a special grade of granular activated carbon that can be tuned to absorb just about any chemical or gas you can think of, and their fume extractors often contain anywhere from 18-80 lbs or more of this carbon to ensure that harmful gases and vapors are effectively removed, providing clean, fresh, filtered air for a long time.  Some industrial applications, such as welding, soldering, laser engraving, even nail salons, will require a portable source-capture fume extractor to remove the fumes directly at the source where they are produced, and often one fume extractor per welding, soldering iron, or nail station is required.
Welding and soldering both release very harmful fumes and gases. For these situations, Electrocorp has specifically created the Fume Extractor Series units (see below). Other situations such as landfill gas or methane gas collection may require a larger room type fume collection system. For those situations we recommend Air Rhino Series air cleaners from Electrocorp. These units can not only be tuned to  handle large warehouses and a variety of industrial situations, but can also trap any particles if needed with an optional HEPA filter.  The RSU series is perfect for absorbing acrylic fumes, such as those found in dental labs, etc.
When selecting fume extraction units, it’s very important to make certain that the unit has a sufficient amount of high-grade activated carbon, as lower grade carbon or not having enough carbon can actually do more harm. Lower grade carbon allows a percentage of fumes and gases to pass through without capturing them, which allows the fumes to be blown back into the air and inhaled even more so than if they did not go through a fan!  Electrocorp also has fume collection units with explosion-proof motors, for situations where the gases and vapors being absorbed are flammable. Flammable gases and vapors can ignite and explode if the motor is not shielded in a certain way so as to not allow any heat or heated particles to escape.  Electrocorp has designed their fume extractors to be high performance, durable, and to prevent problems.
Air Purifiers and Cleaners.com is proud to be an authorized Electrocorp distributor, one of the very best manufacturers of quality industrial fume collection systems in the world. And since we are an online store, we don’t have the overhead of traditional stores. That means we can pass those savings on to you with cheap discount prices and free shipping to anywhere in the Continental U.S.  Whatever chemical, gas, fume, or particle filtration system you need, Electrocorp has a unit perfectly designed for that purpose. Call our experts toll-free today at 1-800-701-2513. We are here to help!
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