Save Phace is the world leader in super-comfortable, super-functional welding, grinding and splash protection masks and helmets. Their EFP (Extreme Face Protection) and RFP (Radical Face Protection) helmets offer cooler in-mask temperature (doesn't trap your hot breath), some of the LIGHTEST helmets in the world, and the world's ONLY ADF - Auto Darkening Filter that is SOLAR-POWERED! Not to mention, Save Phace masks also offer the world's ONLY 180 degree lens for unparalleled field of vision, clarity and  fewer injuries on the job. 

Take that amazing Save Phace functionality and add killer graphics, MARVEL comic characters and even custom finishes, and you've got a mask or helmet that will make any grinding, welding, sanding or any other job requiring a protective mask easier, faster and more comfortable--and all at an affordable price with free shipping. 
Check out SAVE PHACE helmets below and you'll see what we're talking about!

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