Aura Cacia Pure Organic Lavender Oil
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Aura Cacia Pure Organic Lavender Oil
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Aura Cacia Pure Organic Lavender Oil  

Calming, Relaxing, Refreshing, Toning and Cleansing, Pure Lavender Essential Oil is One of the Most Popular Oils in Aromatherapy & Natural Healing  - 100% Organic

The wonderfully fragrant and powerful essential oil from the Lavender flower (Lavandula angustifolia) has been prized since the days of the Roman Empire for its amazing ability to treat and heal so many different ailments and conditions, to include respiratory problems, stress, anxiety, headaches, insomnia, and many other problems. Because of this wide range of applications, lavender oil continues to be one of the most popular oils used in aromatherapy, massage, and other healing methods. 
But as good as lavender oil is, its healing power is greatly affected by the purity of the oil, and to get the very best results, you want 100% pure, organic lavender essential oil, not a blend or a Lavender oil with fillers.  There are many other Lavender oils on the market today, but many are not pure or certified organic, which means they could contain harmful additives, and probably won’t give you the best stress relief or other health benefits you're looking for.
Aura Cacia Pure Organic Lavender Oil is 100% pure, so it is stronger, safer, and more effective than many other lavender oils and blends. That means you can use less and get the same or better results, which saves you money in the long run.  Only pure, organic essential oils deliver true aromatherapy results, so if you want the best, fastest results, don’t settle for anything less than 100% pure certified organic lavender oil.
Aura Cacia Organic Lavender Oil is grown and harvested without the use of any pesticides, and no other additives or fillers have been added to it. This allows Lavender’s full healing and aromatherapy power to be available to you, so that you get the relief you’re looking for, quickly and safely, without any harmful pollutants. Aura Cacia oils are not tested on animals, either, and contain no animal byproducts (except for products containing beeswax).
Air Purifiers and is proud to offer top-rated Aura Cacia essential oils, diffusers, supplies and other aromatherapy accessories.  And since we’re an online store, we don’t have the overhead that many other stores do. That enables us to bring these amazing aromatherapy products to you at the best, cheapest, discount prices every day, with free shipping. We’re always here for you before and after the sale, as well, so if you have any questions, call us toll-free at 1-800-701-2513.
Order your Aura Cacia Pure Organic Lavender Oil today and enjoy the best, fastest health and stress-relieving benefits that only pure, organic lavender oil can provide!
Applications: stress & anxiety relief, irritability, respiratory conditions, colds & flu, allergies, asthma, muscle relaxation, headaches, sinus congestion, hangovers, tiredness, exhaustion, tension, inflammation, insomnia, and much more. For best results, use an aromatherapy diffuser or vaporizer.

  • Quantity: 0.25 Oz
  • Origin: Ukraine
  • Certified Organic: Yes
  • No Animal Testing
  • No By-Products, Additives or Fillers
  • Guaranteed 100% Pure Therapeutic Grade Oil

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