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ISO-Aire Commercial Air Purification Systems

Why Iso-Aire?  In a word: Experience. The Albers family established a legacy of mechanical contracting services in the Midwest region and beyond related to indoor air quality, strategic air-flow patterns, HVAC systems, and sheet metal fabrication. The company’s expertise dates to 1966 when George Albers founded the business in St. Paul, Minn. Today, George’s son Chuck runs the business as owner and CEO, while siblings Kevin and Jeana Albers – representing the Albers’ third generation – lead sales and marketing and R&D initiatives respectively. Ellie, Chuck’s wife, oversees accounts receivable as well as day-to-day office operations. 

Over the last 50 years, the Albers team has had a hand in thousands of mechanical contracting projects, ranging from U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis to the Ecolab Building in St. Paul. The company continues to operate as Albers Mechanical Contractors and has grown to include Ducts & Cleats offering customized duct work and fabrication solutions with its KoolDuct and Pro-R lines as well as custom fabrication solutions. 

The latest expansion includes the company’s innovative portfolio of commercial air purification solutions called ISO-Aire™. Born out of the COVID-19 pandemic, ISO-Aire commercial purifiers offer proven, medical-grade clean air technology – recommended by the CDC and ASHRAE – that captures and destroys 99.99% of harmful pathogens and airborne pollutants. ISO-Aire units are effectively helping to clean or “scrub” the air on military bases and inside school classrooms as well as day care centers, senior care facilities, libraries, fitness studios, restaurants, and more every day. ISO-Aire includes the RSF portable air cleaners and RSH ceiling and wall mounted air cleaner systems, as shown above. 

What does ISO-Aire do?
ISO-Aire offers business owners, school  facility managers and healthcare providers peace of mind knowing their valued employees and customers, students and staff, are protected from harmful airborne particles.

How does ISO-Aire work?
ISO-Aire is an innovative and long-lasting, clean air technology solution designed with power-driven and proven components including 99.99% HEPA (High-efficiency Particulate Air) filtration, ozone-free bipolar ionization and UVC sterilization. Paired together they eliminate 99.99% of potentially harmful airborne particulates such as viruses, bacteria, mold, and pollen.

What prompted its development?
The powerful ISO-Aire system was purpose-built here in St. Paul Minnesota to address COVID-19 and other droplet and/or airborne-based infections in healthcare settings. It was created in conjunction with a renowned medical provider to adhere to stringent isolation room requirements and safely protect patients and staff and has since been adapted for commercial and home use to provide safer and cleaner air.

Where can ISO-Aire be used?
The commercial and home applications for this healthcare-grade clean air technology are limitless. We are working with churches, dental offices, hair salons, fitness studios, schools, business offices, restaurants and long-term care facilities to offer peace of mind to business owners, organization leaders, their employees, patients, and customers. New residential units are available now, as well, to create healthier indoor air in homes, apartments and dorm rooms.

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