Field Controls Trio 2000 Air Purification System
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Field Controls Trio 2000 Air Purification System
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Field Controls Antimicrobial Trio 2000 Whole House Air Purification System

Enjoy Super Clean Air in Your Whole House with 3-Stage Portable Air Purification!  Same as the Antibacterial Sun Pure SP-200 Air Sanitizer, Here We Offer One of the BEST Full Home Indoor Air Scrubber Values 
that Easily Attaches to Your Furnace or Air Handler. Includes MERV 13 (Near HEPA) Filtration, Deluxe Twin Bulb Germicidal UV-C Light, and Photocatalytic Oxidation that Remove Odors, Dust, Smoke, Chemicals, VOC's, and Kill Bacteria, Mold & Viruses for Maximum Allergy and Asthma Reduction in Homes & Small Commercial Office Buildings and up to 5 Ton Capacity--All at a Discount Price with Free Shipping!


Three Powerful Technologies in One Air Purification/Sanitation System

The Trio 2000  is a 3-in-1 installed air cleaner system that keeps the air in your home or small office building fresh, clean, and pure. As air enters the Trio 2000, it is filtered with a MERV 13 filtration media. This pleated 4 inch filter traps particles as small as .3 micron including mold, bacteria, dust, dander, smoke and pollen. 

After the MERV filter, the air must pass through an ultraviolet C (UVC) germicidal treatment zone guarded by two powerful 25 watt, 22" UVC germicidal lamps. These lamps neutralize and destroy airborne microbes such as bacteria, viruses, mold, and fungi.

The final phase uses patented PRO-Cell™ Technology, our exclusive Photo-Reactive Oxidation process. When the patented aluminum honeycomb cells are exposed to the UVC germicidal light, the PRO-Cell’s extensive surface area transforms the odors and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into harmless, odorless water vapor and carbon dioxide.

The PRO-Cell core is maintenance-free and never needs replacing. The Trio-1200 system can be easily installed by your HVAC contractor over the A-coil, in the return, or in the supply duct of your HVAC system.

Up to 93.7% Pollutant Reduction in as Little as 2 Hours

  • Home or Office
  • Healthcare environments
  • Print Shops
  • Salons
  • Fabric & Carpet Stores
  • Veterinary Offices

Technical Specifications
Model  Trio 2000
CFM    2000
Voltage  120v
Dimensions (inches)  
25 x 21 x 10

Weight (lbs.)   23
Capacity (tons)   2.5/5.0

Order your Trio 2000 Air Purification System and feel the difference that super clean, disinfected air can make! 

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