Blueair Aware Air Monitor System
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Blueair Aware Air Monitor System
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Blueair Aware Air Monitoring System

Check Your Indoor Air with Our Complete Rental Air Monitoring System!  Use our Top-Rated Electronic Handheld Air Quality Meter, Digital Thermometer & Hygrometer to Wirelessly Detect Airborne Particles (PM2.5) & Chemical Pollutants, Formaldehyde, CO2, Temperature and Humidity Levels in Your Home, Room or Office Without Buying Several Test Kits--And Get Real-Time With Updates Straight to Your Smartphone! 

Wondering what your indoor air quality level really is in your home or office?  Is it healthy or not? Do you need an air purifier or not?  Is your air cleaner doing its job--or not? Well, wonder no more! The Blueair Aware Air Monitoring Systems answers all of those questions and allows you to monitor your air quality right from your smart phone, anywhere, anytime!  And NOW--you can test your home, room or any indoor space using our system for FREE for 7 calendar days--just pay for shipping the unit to you and back to us!  

Why Blueair Aware? With Blueair Aware, you can know any time the air quality changes for any reason--such as local pollution levels increasing or if say, the flooring you installed is releasing formaldehyde... Aware can detect VOC's such as formaldehyde, benzene and others, and let you know immediately so your health and your family's health isn't put at risk. PLUS--with the free Blueair Friend app, you can get up to the minute data on your OUTSIDE air quality, too!  No more wondering about your city's air quality, either-- you'll have direct satellite data!

Instead of buying multiple air quality test kits or expensive laser particle counters, the Blueair Aware helps you know what's going on with your air quality with real-time updates constantly sent to your smart phone (IPhone and Android compatible!)

After 7 calendar days, just send the Blueair Aware unit back to us in the same condition as you received it using the included prepaid envelope. However, if you love knowing what your indoor air quality is inside and outside your home at all times and want to keep the Blueair Aware System---just give us a call and pay the remaining $130 and it's yours!  Note:  we only offer this free trial to locations within the continental U.S.  

Watch this short video for more information on how the Blueair Aware system can help you!  

Real-Time Monitoring

Aware - real time monitoring

Designed to quickly detect hundreds of different types of airborne particles, including everything from PM2.5 to VOC’s, such as formaldehyde and benzene in your indoor environment. Place your Blueair Aware in your home or workplace to start collecting your unique air quality data now!
You can also monitor your indoor air in real-time, track data overtime, and get alerts from your Smartphone with the Blueair Friend App. To help eliminate allergy triggers, the Blueair Aware also monitors room humidity and temperature.  Get The Friend App!

Blueair Aware Technical Specifications:

Air Quality Sensing Capabilities Particulate matter
Total VOC
Carbon dioxide
Size (HxWxD)

185x80x80 mm (7.6x3x3 in)

Product weight 410 g (1.1 lbs)
Power Non-detachable USB cable, 1.7 m
AC-DC 5V 0.5A USB Adapter 
Connectivity Wi-Fi: 802.11 B/G/N
Wi-Fi GHz:2.4
Security: Open/WEP/WPA/WPA 2 Personal
Sends and stores data every 5 minutes
Smart Phone Compatibility iPhones with iOS 8 and upwards
Android 4.1 and upwards
The entire unit can be recycled.

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