Aura Cacia Room Diffuser for Aromatherapy Oils
Aura Cacia Room Diffuser for Aromatherapy Oils
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Aura Cacia Room Diffuser 

A Low-Cost, Portable Diffuser that Gently Vaporizes Natural Essential Oils for Stress & Anxiety-Relieving Aromatherapy at Home, the Office, or Wherever You Go!  Removes Odors & Freshens the Air, Too!

There are lots of room diffusers on the market, with all levels of pricing performance, sizes and shapes.  As a result, finding an inexpensive but well-made aromatherapy diffuser that works and doesn't need any candles rto warm the oil can be tough. 

Finally, here is a simple, inexpensive room diffuser from Aura Cacia that enables you to enjoy effective essential oil aromatherapy with no candles to replace or anything else to worry about. The Aura Cacia Room Diffuser uses small amounts of electricity to produce heat and diffuse pure essential oils into the air. All you need is a plug and you can immediately begin enjoying the healing fragrance your favorite natural aromatherapy oils and scents--and naturally freshen the air without any chemicals, additives, preservatives, or harming the ozone layer!

The Aura Cacia Room Diffuser is easy to use anywhere and any time you need relief from stress, anxiety, colds, allergies or need to naturally freshen the air. It's great for bathrooms, bedrooms, offices, living rooms, basements, closets, and more. Many customers buy five or six of these units for the home and keep one or two at the office for quick relief from those long, stressful days. This diffuser is great for travel, as well, so you can continue to enjoy relief or continue your aromatherapy treatments as you visit different locations. 

This handy diffuser is very easy to refill, too!  Simply place a few drops of your favorite essential on one of the five (5) scent pads (included), insert into the diffuser, plug into a wall outlet, and soon you'll begin enjoying those soothing fragrances that you've come to know and love. The pads last a long time and can be used until they begin to harden. Time to switch essential oils for a different fragrance or aromatherapy treatment? No problem--just use another pad!

So if you're looking for a handy, inexpensive, but well-made portable aromatherapy diffuser that you can use at home, the office, or when you travel, the Aura Cacia Room Diffuser is an excellent choice.  Order yours today!


Type: Electric essential oil warmer / aromatherapy diffuser
Includes 5 Refill Pads
For use with any essential oils or scents; for best results, only use 100% pure organic essential oils


10 Pack Refill Pads  $3.99  (see ordering options below)

Safety Notes: Avoid direct contact with saturated diffuser pads, and keep refill pads away from children. Do not cover the diffuser when plugged in and do not handle with wet hands, or store in a damp place. Do not allow saturated refill pads to come into contact with furniture or other household items, as essential oils can cause staining to occur. 

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