Aura Cacia Diffuser Refill Pads
Aura Cacia Diffuser Refill Pads
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Aura Cacia Refill Pads for Room & Car Diffuser 

Pack of 10 Long-Lasting Refill Pads for The Aura Cacia Room & Car Essential Oil Diffuser. Allows You to Quickly Use Different Oils As Needed, Prevents Improper Blending, & Helps Keep Your Aromatherapy Going!

Some aromatherapy users may not realize it, but it's often important to keep oils separated on different pads for different aromatherapy treatments. Sometimes certain oils don't mix or blend well with others and can create unpleasant scent combinations, and may even make some aromatherapy treatment less effective. 

It's also important to have extra refill pads on hand for proper blending of essential oils that do work well together, for certain natural healing applications (often prescribed by an aromatherapist).  And, most diffuser pads get rather stiff when they become used up and begin to not diffuse the oils as well and causes you to have to use more oil than normal to get the same amount of scent in your room, which can get expensive. A lot of diffuser users keep diffuser pads with different oils on the pads in separate ziploc bags to easily change between oil scents, which is easier and safer, especially when using a car diffuser.
These Aura Cacia Diffuser Refill Pads make it easy for you to continue enjoying your Aura Cacia Room & Car Diffusers, and maintain proper aromatherapy oil treatments without interruptions or problems caused by mixing the wrong oils together on one pad.  Replacing diffuser pads regularly helps keep you from using too much oil on a used up, stiff diffuser pad trying to get enough scent into the air. With a fresh pad, you can use smaller amounts of oil, which saves you money. 

Be sure to keep some extra diffuser pads wherever you use your diffusers or enjoy aromatherapy treatments, and buy a few more for the holidays, travel, or any other time where you might be spending time indoors and using your diffuser more. 

We're frequently out of stock on this item so be sure to order extra pads, or several packs at a time. And if you have any questions, feel free to give our aromatherapy experts a call toll-free at 1-800-701-2513. We're here to help!


Type: Diffuser Pad for Aura Cacia Room Diffuser and Car Diffuser
Includes 10 Refill Pads
For use with any essential oils or scents. For best results, only use 100% pure organic essential oils

Safety Notes: Avoid direct contact with saturated diffuser pads, and keep refill pads away from children. Do not cover a diffuser when plugged in and do not handle with wet hands, or store in a damp place. Do not allow saturated refill pads to come into contact with furniture, household items, or car interiors, as the essential oils on the pads can cause staining. 

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