APC Duct Mounted UV Light Air Cleaner 36W Bulb System-2 Unit Special!
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APC Duct Mounted UV Light Air Cleaner 36W Bulb System-2 Unit Special!
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APC Duct Mounted UV Light Air Purification System - 2 Unit Special!

Laboratory-Grade 36 Watt Bulb Ultraviolet Light Air Cleaner System with Proven Mold, Bacteria & Virus Killing Power!  

Features and Benefits:
  • Easily installs in 15 minutes or less.
  • 100% Made in USA of quality materials
  • Safeguard your health with medically-proven germ-killing power of ultraviolet light
  • Reduces or eliminates airborne mold allergens, toxins, cold, flu, measles, toxic mold, odors, tuberculosis, legionella and other infectious bacteria
  • Produces no ozone, fumes or other secondary contaminants
  • Operates continuously at maximum efficiency, without need for constant adjustment
  • Designed to withstand hazardous conditions while providing higher kill ratios over a broader range of microbes
  • No plastic parts
  • Inexpensive to operate, low maintenance
  • Residential, commercial and industrial applications
  • Prolongs life of the air conditioning system and helps maintains system efficiency
  • Completely silent operation
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty against defects in material or workmanship from date of installation by authorized contractor, documented by sales receipt or contractor warranty card. 
  • Model 201 UV-C Air Cleansing System
  • Number of lamps:  2
  • Lamp length: 15.5 inches
  • Cord Length: 2.5 ft with standard plug (most people hard wire these or use a small extension cord)
  • Effective coverage: Up to 5,000 sq. ft.
  • Power:  110-277 volts, 50-60 Hz
  • 2 UV-C lamp wattage: 36 x 2 = 72 Total Watts, 48,000 micro-watts of UV-C energy.
  • UL Listed     Yes
  • All the parts comply with CAN/USA restrictions regarding UV light air cleaners, in-duct systems, etc. 
This Package Includes:

       2    36 Watt In-Duct UV Air Purification Units 
       2    15.5 36 Watt Bulbs
       1    Owner's Manual
       1    1 Year Warranty
       1    Ground Shipping, Free

There are quite a few UV or ultraviolet light air cleaning systems on the market designed to be mounted in HVAC or air conditioning ducts.  Duct mounted UV light air cleaners have been proven to be highly effective than the UV lamps in air purifiers if you use the right type, but many of those systems do not have the proper 36 watt laboratory strength bulbs to kill mold, bacteria & viruses effectively, they don’t last, or they’re very expensive.  And a lot of UV light systems are difficult to install, even for HVAC or air conditioning technicians.
The APC Double Bulb Ultraviolet Light Air Purification System provides powerful UV light purification power with long-lasting, laboratory strength 36 watt bulbs, and easy 15 minute installation, which makes them one of the very best duct-mounted ultraviolet light (UV-C) air purifier systems available. Hospitals have used UV light with 36 watt bulbs for many years for disinfection, so you can rest assured, it definitely does work. (see picture below). In fact, most customers report that their allergies have been reduced sharply and they are sleeping better in as little as 24-48 hours after installation!

More Power--with the Right Bulbs To Do The Job

The first bulb creates 24,000 UV-C light units, which is enough to kill about 70% of bacteria and many other germs on the first pass that air makes by the bulb. The second bulb provides an additional 24,000 UV light units for a total of 48,000 units, which is enough to kill over 99% of all bacteria, microbes, mold, algae, and even tough germs like anthrax, E. Coli, Staph, and many more.  It’s been proven in research that you must overcompensate or use more light units than required to kill germs and mold in air that is moving through a central air conditioner system, and that’s exactly what the APC system provides.

And, not only does the APC UV light system kill mold and bacteria with the UV-C light rays, it also creates healthy negative ions that further purify the air, destroy bacteria and viruses, and even freshen the air.  UV systems without this level of UV-C light units and negative ions will not be sufficient to kill 99% of the organisms and will leave live mold and bacteria floating in your air.

Simply install the two bulbs 30 inches apart in the duct work after the coil or on the output side of the central air conditioner. This makes sure that any mold or germs coming from the coil (which is always wet and breeds bacteria and mold continuously) are zapped by the UV light, as well as any microbial pollutants coming in from the rest of the home or building.  A two-bulb system covers roughly 10,000 square feet effectively, so this system is perfect for any home, building or office under that size.

For larger spaces, or for even better purification, simply install a second 2 bulb system at the input side of the central air conditioner to kill over 85% of germs, mold, & other organisms on the first pass, and help keep them from polluting the coil, which is where mold and other germs breed. This can even help prevent a costly coil cleaning job, which can save you hundreds of dollars. If you have tough odors in your home,  the APC UV light air purifier can help with that, too, since it kills the bacteria and mold and even helps disintegrate the organic compounds that are responsible for most odors!

So if you’re looking for a ultraviolet light whole house air purification system with excellent mold, bacteria, & virus killing power that is ozone free---and freshens the air in your home---the APC Double Bulb Ultraviolet Light Air Purification System is your best choice.  

Order a UV light air purifier system today and see what a difference clean air can make!

**Don't be fooled by lower power, cheaper UV cleaner claims. This type of UV system with this type of bulb has proven very effective in bacterial DNA destruction for passing air. Tests have been performed using these systems at the University of Minnesota and the University of Colorado, by scientists who work with the EPA, CDC, and other agencies.  Penn State University has also conducted a similar study with the same results. 

Save Money Shopping Online, and Don’t Get Ripped Off 

There are not many official online retailers of quality APC UV air purification products and unfortunately the internet is full of scams. As a general rule of thumb, if the deal seems too good to be true, it probably is. Cheap cut rate online deals often end up being a used or refurbished unit, which do not come with APC's top rated warranties or consistent performance. Or even worse, you may end up buying a cheap discount air cleaner that doesn’t have the energy efficiency, features or warranties provided by top-rated APC air purification systems. 

Better Than Buying Direct!

When you buy your money and energy saving APC air purification products from us, you get a brand new unit, at the best possible price. Our innovative partnership with APC allows us to ship directly from their warehouse, which cuts out the middle man and eliminates the high operating costs of traditional brick and mortar big box stores. These savings get passed directly to you, allowing us to offer brand new mold, bacteria and virus-eliminating APC UV in duct air purifiers and bulbs at the best possible everyday cheap discount online sales prices. And buying from us is definitely better than direct--if you buy direct, you'll have to pay shipping. Buying from us, you always get fast free ground shipping as our thanks to you for shopping with us. 

If you have any questions give us a call or send us an email and one of indoor air purification experts will be happy to help.

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