AllerAir 6000 DXS Smoke Air Purifier
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AllerAir 6000 DXS Smoke Air Purifier
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AllerAir 6000 DXS Smoke Air Purifier 

Enjoy Clean, Odor-Free Air in Your Whole House with an Affordable Total Smoke Eater. Here We Offer a Top-Rated Portable Smoke Air Cleaner with The Best, Long-Lasting HEPA & 36 lb Activated Carbon Filtration System That Removes 99% of Cigar, Cigarette & Pipe Tobacco Pollutants & Eliminates Smells in Homes up to 1800 Square Feet--at a Good Price with Free Shipping!

When you’re looking for a smoke eater to eliminate dangerous, stain-causing second hand tobacco smoke from your home, you want one that works fast and removes all of the types of airborne pollutants and odors produced by second hand smoke--not just some of them. A lot of smoke air cleaner machines on the market don’t have all of the necessary filters needed to remove all of the different types of smoke pollutants or have filters that must be cleaned or replaced every 2-4 months, which is time consuming and expensive. To be able to quickly and consistently turn smoky air into clean air, without the hassle and expense of frequent filter replacements, you need a top-rated total smoke air cleaner with long-lasting quality HEPA and heavy activated carbon filters, such as the Aller Air 6000 DXS Smoke Air Purifier.

Solid Steel Construction & Best-Quality, Long-Lasting Filters for Unmatched Smoke Eating & Odor Removal

In addition to machined, solid stainless steel construction and tough powder-coated finishes, The Aller Air 6000 DXS Smoke Air Purifier’s filtration system is truly a step above the rest. The 36-pound activated carbon filter contains far superior industrial- strength granular carbon (not cheap crushed carbon) that eliminates many times more chemicals and odors than other air cleaners, providing much longer filter life and cleaner air for your whole house. Plus, the special Progressive Diagonal Filtration (PDF) process in the carbon filter provides better smoke and cigarette smell removal than other smoke air purifiers by causing the air to spend more time in contact with the carbon. That means you get the best cigar and cigarette smoke, odor, chemical and tobacco pesticide removal possible—with a carbon filter that lasts anywhere from 2-4 years, not 2-4 months.

The AllerAir 6000 DXS Smoke Air Purifier’s HEPA filter is medical-grade, which means it’s the same type of good material used in hospitals and nursing homes where over 99% of dust and other particles must be removed from the air. The tar-eating pre-filters eliminate tobacco tar molecules and smells better than any pre-filters out there with a specially-coated material that eliminates over 99% of tar and large particles before they shorten the life your HEPA filter. That helps your air cleaner’s HEPA filter last anywhere up to 4 years, as well. With top-rated odor-eating carbon, HEPA and tar filters, you’ve got the best, most complete total cigar and cigarette smoke removal system you can buy in one portable smoke air purifier, at a good price.

Powerful 400 CFM Output for Fast Smoke Removal in Homes & Rooms Up to 1800 Square Feet!

Many other smoke eaters, even good units with HEPA and carbon filter systems, can only handle, at best, small to medium rooms because they have small motors. And to get good tobacco smoke and smell removal in one big room or several rooms, you need a strong output. The Aller Air 6000 DXS Smoke Air Purifier also provides a powerful 400 CFM motor and 1800 square foot coverage that can eliminate over 99% of cigarette smoke and odors from an average 10 x 10 room in about 2 minutes! The Aller Air 6000 DXS’s strong output and large room coverage saves you money not just because you’ll probably only need one smoke eater machine for the whole house, but you’ll also have only one set of filters to replace. These are two more important reasons for buying a quality smoke eater instead of several cheap air cleaners that won’t do the job and cost more in the long run because of breakdowns and filter replacements.

Full 10 Year Warranty

In addition to top-quality HEPA and activated carbon filters, the Aller Air 6000 DXS Smoke Air Purifier also comes with a full 10 year warranty, one of the best in the industry. Many other portable smoke eater manufacturers only offer 1-2 year warranties. And even though we have never had one of these units returned, it does give you peace of mind knowing that you can use it in your home or anywhere and have support for a total of ten years, should there be something defective.

Your Best, Top-Rated Smoke Removal Air Cleaner Buy For Smokers and Non-Smokers

Whether you’re a smoker or non-smoker, the Aller Air 6000 DXS Smoke Air Purifiers is the best smoke air cleaner system to buy for your home, for so many reasons. It’s built to last, with solid steel and heavy duty components, removes smoke extremely fast, covers up to 1800 square feet with one unit, it’s easily portable, includes 36 pounds of industrial smell-removing activated carbon, medical grade HEPA and special tar-trapping pre-filters to eliminate over 99% of smoke and odors created by cigar, cigarette and pipe tobacco smoke from your house--plus a 10 year warranty. All of those benefits in one air cleaner is very hard to beat.

Best of all, at our online store we use our super-low overhead to provide the cheapest discount prices on the best smoke and odor eating air cleaner machines and replacement filters, and provide fast, free shipping to your home at no charge! We also take pride in providing world-class customer service before and after the sale. If you have questions, that’s good! Just call us toll-free at 1-800-701-2513. We’re always here to help

Order your 6000 DXS Smoke Air Purifier today and see what a huge difference a real, top-rated total smoke eliminator system can make in your home!

This Package Includes:

1  Aller Air 6000 DXS Smoke Air Purifier
1  Medical Grade HEPA Fitler
1  36 lb Heavy Dust Activated Carbon Smoke Filter
1  Tar-Trapping Pre-Filter
1  10 Year Warranty
1  Owner's Manual

Room Size Up to 1800 sq ft
Filtration System 36 lb. carbon filter, 3" depth, micro-HEPA wrap rated at 99% efficient at 0.1 microns, Tar-trapping pre-filter
Carbon Weight 36 lbs
Surface Area of Carbon Media 4800 acres
Surface Area of HEPA Media NA
Micro HEPA Material rated at 99% efficient at 0.1 microns
CFM 400
CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate) Approx 132
Speed 3 speeds
UV Lamp Available
Available Colors Black, Sandstone, White
Voltage 115V/230V
Amps (115V/230V) 1.3/0.5
Cord Length 8 ft
Noise Level 50-75 dBA
Maneuverability (4) 2" wheels
Filter Access Pre-filter bottom no tools, Main filters bottom with screws
Motor Details motor with a blower wheel
Dimensions 23.5" (height) x 15" (diameter)
Shipping Weight Approx 58 lbs (2 boxes)
Operating Weight 50 lbs
Number of Units Per Pallet Varies
CSA/UL Listed Yes
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