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aeris was founded on the idea that innovative technology can be used to solve major global health issues—specifically the challenge of how to provide clean air where it matters most: at home and work. 

aeris believes that current indoor air purifiers underserve users in terms of engineering innovation (relying on decades old technology) and overall design. aeris’ line of smart air purifiers and accessories offer the most cutting-edge hardware and software solutions—rendered with a clean, modernist look and manufactured to high-level Swiss production standards—that win awards and win over consumers.  
Breathing clean air is so important; for everywhere you spend indoors, aeris designs products to help you achieve your best health.  

Why does air pollution matter?

'Air pollution contines to take a toll on the health of the most vulnerable populations--women, children and older adults. For people to be healthy, they must breathe clean air from their first breath to their last.'--Dr. Bustreo, Assistant Director General at WHO   According to the most recent WHO report on Global Air Quality (link), more than 92% of people living in urban areas are exposed to air quality levels that exceed the World Health Organization (WHO) limits.In the past two years, the database – now covering more than 4000 cities in 108 countries – has nearly doubled, with more cities measuring air pollution levels and recognizing the associated health impacts.   As urban air quality declines, the risk of stroke, heart disease, lung cancer, and chronic and acute respiratory diseases, including asthma, increases for the people who live in them.  

What is living without good health?

At aeris, we believe that healthy living includes breathing clean air free of harmful pollutants, germs and gases. We believe in the power of technology to help solve this growing health crisis and have designed our products that combine the most innovative technology in filter design and high-quality Swiss machine engineering. Our devices aren’t merely engineering fantasy but also include award-winning design and powerful software to provide customers with the best in smart home health technology. aeris designs what matters for your BEST health.

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