APC Duct-Mounted UV Air Cleaner Single 36W Bulb System
APC Duct-Mounted UV Air Cleaner Single 36W Bulb System
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APC Single Bulb Duct Mounted Ultraviolet Light Air Purification System

Quality American-Made 36 Watt Germicidal UV Light Air Cleaner System for HVAC / Air Conditioner Ducts & Systems. Research Proven to Kill Mold, Bacteria, Viruses & Eliminate Odors in Spaces up to 5000 Square Feet. 100% Made in USA!

UV or ultraviolet light air cleaning systems that are mounted in HVAC or air conditioning ducts have been around for quite a while, and that’s because the right type of UV air purification system can be very effective.   Most UV-C systems, however, don’t have lab-grade 36 watt laboratory strength bulbs, they don’t last, or the system costs  too much. 
The APC Single Bulb Ultraviolet Light Air Purification System solves all of these issues and gives you the affordable, powerful UV light purification you want, with a long-lasting, laboratory strength 36 watt bulb, high quality electronic components and, and easy 15 minute installation.

The APC UV light systems are so effective that most customers report that their allergies and respiratory symptoms have been reduced sharply (or eliminated) and they are sleeping better in as little as 24-48 hours after installation!
The Right Bulb For Real UV Light Air Purification  
The APC Single Bulb UV Light Air Purifier uses a true,  36 watt laboratory strength bulb that creates 24,000 UV-C light units, which is enough to immediately kill about 70% of bacteria and most other germs when they are first exposed to the UV light. As the air passes through the duct where the UV light system is mounted, more and more germs, mold, etc are destroyed with each pass.  In about  48 hours,  over 99% of all microbial pollutants are eliminated, and after that, the ultraviolet light instantly kills any new bacteria, viruses, mold  or other microbial pollutants that may enter the duct work—leaving you, your family, or employees with clean, fresh air that is disinfected--every day and night.
The APC Single Bulb UV Light Air Purifier System uses UV-C rays that do not create ozone, so there’s no need to worry about that.  A one bulb system covers roughly 5,000 square feet effectively, so this system is perfect for any home, building or office that size or smaller.
The APC UV light system not only kills mold and bacteria with its powerful UV-C light rays, it also creates healthy negative ions that eliminate odors by destroying the bacteria, viruses, and organic compounds that are responsible for most odors.  These units are great for eliminating odors in homes, rooms, shelters, or other spaces where pets or animals are kept indoors.
If you’re looking for a real ultraviolet light air purification system with research-proven mold, bacteria, virus, and odor- killing power -- the APC Single Bulb Ultraviolet Light Air Purification System is a perfect choice  
Order an APC Single Bulb UV light Air Purification System today and see what a difference clean air can make!

***Don't be fooled by lower power, cheaper UV air cleaner system claims. This type of UV system has proven very effective laboratory tests at the University of Minnesota, Penn State, and the University of Colorado, who work with the EPA, CDC, and other agencies.   

  • Easily installs in 15 minutes or less.
  • Medical studies prove the effectiveness of ultraviolet light
  • Reduces or eliminates airborne mold allergens, toxins, cold, flu, measles and other viruses, toxic mold by-products and odors, tuberculosis, legion Ella and other infectious bacteria
  • Produces no ozone, fumes or other secondary contaminants
  • Operates continuously at maximum efficiency, without need for constant adjustment
  • Designed to withstand hazardous conditions while providing higher kill ratios over a broader range of microbes that most UV light air cleaner systems
  • No plastic parts that are susceptible to deterioration
  • Inexpensive to operate, low maintenance
  • Residential, commercial and industrial applications
  • Prolongs life of the air conditioner or HVAC system and maintains system efficiency
  • Completely silent
  • One Year Limited Warranty against defects in material or workmanship from date of installation by authorized contractor, documented by sales receipt or contractor warranty card. If this unit is determined to be defective, it will be exchanged for a new or rebuilt unit at no charge, plus shipping cost.


Model 101 UV-C Air Cleansing Unit:

Number of lamps:           1

Lamp length:                  15.5 inches

Cord Length:                  2.5 ft with standard plug (most people hard wire these or use a small extension cord)

Effective coverage:         Up to 5,000 sq. ft.

Power:                            110-277 volts, 50-60 Hz

One UV-C lamp wattage: 36 Watts.

UL Listed                         Yes

All the parts comply with CAN/USA restrictions regarding UV light air cleaners, in-duct systems, etc.

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