Airocide GCS-100 Filterless Industrial Air Purifier System
Airocide GCS-100 Filterless Industrial Air Purifier System
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Airocide GCS-100 Industrial Air Sanitizer System

Maintain Clean, Safe Air Quality in Rooms, Warehouses, Offices & Shops with No Filters with this Top-Rated Filter-Free Electronic Air Purification Unit! Here We Offer a NASA Designed Commercial Ionic Ambient Air Cleaner with Powerful Ultraviolet PCO Air Scrubber That Doesn't Remove, But Creates Healthy Negative Ions that Destroy Toxic Fine Particles, Chemical Fumes, VOC's, Ethylene Gas, Methane, Bacteria, Mold, Viruses & More in Buildings, Hospitals, Veterinary Facilities, Kennels, Schools, Gyms & More --All at A Discount Price with Free Shipping!


  • NASA-Designed Technology Destroys Particle, Fume and Biological Air Pollutants
  • Eco-Friendly--No Filters to Replace
  • Safer Workplace with Cleaner Air and No Hazardous Filter Exposure or Disposal 
  • Quiet Operation
  • Energy Efficient
  • Wall or Ceiling Mountable
  • Up to 1500 Cubic Foot Coverage Per Unit

Developed by NASA, Airocide bioconversion technology converts damaging molds, microorganisms, dangerous pathogens, destructive VOCs and biological gasses into harmless water vapor without producing Ozone or other harmful byproducts. Green and energy efficient, treated air exits the Airocide GCS-100 as 99.999% pathogen free fresh air on the first pass. FDA approved, Airocide is the one that works.

A unique bioconversion technology that instantly converts any organic at a molecular level, solid or gas – and regardless of size into harmless vapor. Not only does this bioconversion technology effectively eliminate ethylene gas along with other volatile organic compounds (VOCs), subsequently the Airocide GCS-100 was also clinically proven to eradicate viruses, bacteria, fungi, and mold – even anthrax.

The Airocide bioconversion system. Inside this cover is a reaction chamber that is densely packed with tiny glass tubules, each nano-encrusted with a highly refined, supercharged web of titanium dioxide. Untreated air is drawn into the Airocide GCS-100 unit via a high-precision fan, then routed into and through micro-tunnels that have been charged with 254 nanometer light. Surface-bound (OH-) radicals bubble up from the tubule surfaces waiting for anything organic to touch them.

Airocide’s patented NASA technology utilizes a reaction chamber packed with tiny catalysts that have been coated in a proprietary solution that will not delaminate.  When excited from their highly reactive surface, a water molecule is split and a surface-bound hydroxyl radical is formed.  Any organic, solid or gaseous, regardless of size that collides with it is instantly oxidized. From food preservation to healthcare, the Airocide GCS-100 works. Pure Air. Pure NASA.

The Airocide® Advantage

Hydroxyl radicals and super-oxide ions are bound to individual glass surfaces via a nano-particle compound creating nearly three hundred and sixty degrees (360) of exposure. Increased exposure increases the likelihood of pathogen collisions. The glass tubes and the way their architectural construct is applied within the ACS 100 system create more than 5 METERS of surface area. The likelihood of pathogen collision increases exponentially with an increase in surface area--all without producing Ozone nor any other harmful byproduct.

Perfect for HealthCare

Healthcare Acquired Infections (HAI's) are a big problem for everyone involved in healthcare. You can sterilize surfaces to eliminate contact contamination and filter the air, but somehow pathogens get past your best defenses. Studies have shown that up to 30% of the contaminants that impact outcomes are airborne. Bacterial. Viral. Microbial--the kind that slip past HEPA and laminar flow systems, undermining your work, your outcomes and ultimately emptying your wallet and ruining the facility's reputation. With Airocide systems such as the Airocide GCS-100  in place, however, those airborne pathogens won't get a chance to cause problem because 99.9999% of them will be destroyed. And there won't be any filters to change that are loaded with biohazard material.

Other Excellent Applications for Airocide Air Sanitizer Systems:

Veterinary Industry--Veterinary Hospitals, Dog Kennels & Shelters
Fitness Industry--Yoga Studios, Cross Fit, Gyms, Fitness Centers
Property Managers responsible for maintaining bathrooms in Class A-type business buildings
Private K-8 Schools
Remote Work Locations that provide housing for temporary workers  (i.e. Oil Rigs, mining camps, places where workers can get sick easily)
NFL/College Football Locker Rooms
Morgues/Funeral Homes
and Much More!

At Air Purifiers and, we make it easy for you to get the best commercial and industrial air purification systems at discount prices with free shiping due to our extremely low overhead. Call our specialists today at 1-800-701-2513 to discuss the specific filter configuration that will perfectly suit your application. We are here to help!

This Package Includes:

1  Airocide GCS-100 Air Sanitizer System
1  Owner's Manual



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